Call centres

The Australian Services Union has significant membership in call centres across Australia. 3/08/2022


Experiencing Bullying In The Workplace?

What steps should you take if you are experiencing bullying in the workplace? 20/03/2024


Member Win! The Right to Disconnect has passed

ASU Members at Oxfam a step closer to a 4-Day Work Week! The ASU recommends voting YES to the union negotiated Oxfam Australia Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026. 8/02/2024


Clock Off & Switch Off

Balancing work and home life is essential for everyone. 18/12/2023

The ASU helped us secure a great enterprise agreement at our workplace."
Joel, ASU member

ASU Membership Dues FY24/25

Notice to members. 30/05/2024


There’s plenty of reasons to ask your coworkers to join

Grow density in the workplace for your chance to win $1,000! 14/05/2024


ACTU statement on Gaza

The ACTU calls on the Australian Government to take immediate steps to secure peace. 26/04/2024