ASU is fighting to improve your workplace conditions in your next Qantas Enterprise Agreement

Date: 30/03/2022

Your union, the ASU, is campaigning for fair and safe working conditions at Qantas.

We are negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement that will create your rights over leave, rosters, pay rates and many other issues and defend off any attacks from Qantas.

We want to thank all members who filled out our recent member survey on your working conditions. Your responses have been collected nationally and helped craft our proposed Log of Claims. A Log of Claims lists what we want to achieve in negotiating with Qantas. The proposed Log of Claims was recently taken to our ASU Qantas Group Conference (made up of Qantas delegates from different work functions from across the country) and received support to seek member endorsement with meetings currently underway.

View our proposed Log of Claims: Our Claims

The ASU secured significant improvements to Parental Leave in our workplace, with paid Superannuation.”
David, ASU airlines member 

Call centres

The Australian Services Union has significant membership in call centres across Australia. 3/08/2022