2024 ASU Activist Awards

Published: 7/02/24

Nominations for the 2024 ASU Activist Awards are now open. This is your chance to recognise the work of your fellow ASU members.

The 2024 ASU Activist Awards will be presented for:

ASU Member Activist of the Year
ASU Delegate of the Year
ASU Workplace of the Year

Do you have a colleague that goes above and beyond to resolve workplace issues and provide advice or support whenever you need? Has your delegate group just negotiated a new EBA with amazing terms and conditions? Are you new to the union and have built union strength at your workplace? Or maybe you know a union member with a sense of natural justice and fairness doing great things and you want everyone to know how amazing they are too.

Nominate an ASU Member for the 2024 ASU Activist Awards here

Each nominee will be considered based on the criteria set out below:

A current member of the ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch
Implementing a campaign within your workplace, industry or community
Increasing membership within the workplace
Setting up a communication network
Activating members
Work within the broader community
Securing improved workplace conditions
Commitment to health & safety
Developing understanding of collective action

Please complete your nomination no later than 5pm on 30 April 2024. Awards will be presented during May. 

Nominations are now open and can be submitted online here.

Nominations for the ASU Activist Awards are now open. 

Find out more or nominate a fellow ASU member here.

The ASU helped us secure a great enterprise agreement at our workplace.”
Joel, ASU member 

Call centres

The Australian Services Union has significant membership in call centres across Australia. 3/08/2022