ASU Members: Wallace, Lawyer and Delegate

Date: 01/09/2023

You might think a workplace like the Victorian Trades Hall Council would have little need for strong union representation.

Not so, says Young Workers Centre lawyer and Australian Services Union delegate Wallace Huang, “It’s really interesting to be a delegate at a workplace that is all about assisting unions but it’s still a workplace in every sense of the word,” says Mr Huang.

“We need to make sure that our members know their workplace rights and have someone to talk to when an issue comes up in relation to their role or their entitlements.

“We do all those things that union delegates in other workplaces do.”

Mr Huang has recently moved roles into the centre, which is a one-stop shop for young people who want to learn about their rights at work or need to resolve workplace issues. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked as an organiser at Trades Hall and the Migrant Workers Centre.

Growing up the child of parents who both juggled insecure work, Mr Huang developed a strong interest in social and economic justice issues from a young age, which led him to the union movement after he left secondary school.

“I’m proud to be an ASU member of nearly 5 years now,” he said.

“We’ve achieved great union wins here like cultural leave. Trades Hall is a workplace that lives up to the values we campaign on.”

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