ASU Members at Oxfam a step closer to a 4-Day Work Week

Date: 22/03/2023

The ASU recommends voting YES to the union negotiated Oxfam Australia Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026.

The proposed agreement includes a trial of the first 4-day work week the ASU has secured in an EBA anywhere.

Oxfam will be providing information sessions (recorded if you can’t attend) and access to the new EBA from tomorrow until next Thursday. Then voting will commence Friday 31st March through until Tuesday the 4th of April via ELMO.

By voting yes, we will lock in the following improvements:

- Trial of a 4 day work week at full pay (this will be the first commitment enshrined in an ASU EBA).
- A 14 percent wage increase over the life of the agreement including 6.1 percent back paid from April 2022.
- 20 weeks non gendered parental leave and superannuation paid on the paid and unpaid component (capped at 52 weeks).
- Sorry business leave – 5 days per occasion.
- Cultural leave – 5 days a year.
- 20 days gender affirmation leave.
- An increase from 20 to 25 days personal leave and to expand the definition to include menstrual leave, reproductive treatments and those affected by the climate crisis.
- Update the classification structure during the life of the agreement.
- No changes to the job security clause (management proposed to remove).

Some of the wins in this round of bargaining are truly ground-breaking and industry leading including the 4-day work week trial.

We couldn’t have achieved what we did without union members.

It’s time to join the ASU – if you are not already a member, now is the time to join. 

I would also like to thank the tireless efforts of our ASU delegates, Vanessa Macpherson, Nina Crawley and Amberlie Jane who have spent many hours outside of there already busy jobs, to secure these improvements for you.

Cassie Farley
Assistant Branch Secretary

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