Union win: workers secure Qantas paid parental leave deal


Date: 01/02/2023

The Australian Services Union has negotiated an industry-best paid parental leave deal at Qantas, on behalf of workers.

The scheme will include 18 weeks of Primary Carer’s leave, as well as 10 weeks of Secondary Carers leave, making it among the best in Australia.

In addition, from 1 July this year, workers on paid and unpaid parental leave will continue to receive superannuation, up to 52 weeks.

The scheme coverage will also be extended to cover all permanent care arrangements, as well as adopting parents.

The union’s Victorian Private Sector Branch Secretary, Imogen Sturni said the new scheme was a major win for workers and showed the value of joining your union.

“These are significant improvements to the Paid Parental Leave scheme at Qantas which were delivered in the union’s enterprise agreement negotiations,” said Ms Sturni.

“It is a huge win for workers at Qantas and sets a standard for other businesses to follow, both in the aviation industry and beyond.

“Paid parental leave provides parents with the opportunity to spend more time with their children after birth, but it also has massive economic benefits to employers.

“Good schemes like this one help to retain and attract more parents to the workplace, meaning the business gets access to more skilled workers.

“It helps with continuity because the business doesn’t lose experienced people.

“It also contributes to a family friendly and diverse workplace which is good for organisational culture.

“There is still more work to land the next workplace agreement but this win is a great outcome for all those planning a family at Qantas.

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To be able to support your partner and be with your little one at such an important time is very special.”
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