Union Win! Serco to backpay staff for public holidays

Date: 21/01/2021

A number of ASU members have realised that they were not paid for Public Holidays, for which they ordinarily would of worked, over the Christmas New Years Period.

Employees who queried why they were not paid for these days, were told by Serco payroll that they were not entitled to Public Holiday Pay, despite being Permanent Employees entitled to Public Holidays under the NES, because they were absent the day prior or after the Public Holiday.

This is incorrect. If you ordinarily would of worked a Public Holiday, you are entitled to be paid for the day, and you are not required to use your Annual Leave.

The ASU raised this issue with Serco and now Serco have now acknowledged that they have made an error and will pay affected staff during the next pay run.

Serco have stated that they will attempt to identify staff affected and contact them regarding the error.

The ASU advices all staff to check their payslips and if you believe you have not been paid for Public Holidays (which you ordinarily would of worked), please contact Serco Payroll.

If you do not get a satisfactory response, contact your Organiser John Weber at [email protected]

If you have friends who are affected, encourage them to join the ASU today!

I was proud to support the Fair Work submission that led to a 5.75% pay rise for Award covered employees.”
Raj, ASU call centre member 

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