Vale Linda White, a titan of the union movement and ASU life member

Published: 1/03/2024

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend and comrade, Linda White.

Linda loved our union and fiercely advocated for workers and working women. We were pleased to share with Linda that she has been awarded Life Membership of our union in recognition of the remarkable contribution she has made over a lifetime.

Linda’s involvement ensured significant social and legislative reform which extends to thousands of people. Linda led the fight for Ansett workers in the wake of the airline’s collapse and ensured that workers won back almost all of the $160m owed to them. She fought and won equal pay for 200,000 community and social services workers delivering pay rises of up to 43% for some of the lowest paid workers, many of them women. She played a big role in securing strong affirmative action targets in the ALP. She championed equal retirement outcomes for women, family and domestic violence leave, paid parental leave, and so much more.

Linda’s passions were diverse.

Linda loved the arts and importantly wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience them regardless of their background. She developed a passion for sports and loved to share in Victoria’s many events.

Linda was also incredibly proud to be part of the legal profession. She spoke frequently about the lifelong friendships she formed as a young lawyer at Maurice Blackburn and how her years as a young lawyer equipped her with the skills she brandished throughout her career. There was nothing quite like a cross examination by Linda White.

She served on the boards of ACMI, MCG Trust, Royal Botanic Gardens, Legal Super, and the ALP National Executive to name a few.

Linda was fierce, and unashamed of holding others to high standards in the pursuit of the causes she held dear. Importantly, she always ensured that a key part in achieving this was by mentoring young people and women by giving them opportunities to flourish. She made everyone feel part of the team and gave everyone an equal platform.

Linda was loved by many, no doubt feared by a few, and respected by all.

We know so many of you have stories of your time with Linda and the impact she has had on so many people.

We send our condolences to Linda’s brother Michael who she loved so dearly, and the hundreds of people saddened by this news.

Goodbye good comrade.

Imogen Sturni 
Branch Secretary 





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