The ASU recommends voting YES to Qantas EBA 12

Date: 15/03/2023

The ASU recommends voting YES to EBA 12 when voting for your new enterprise agreement opens at 9 am this Monday, 13 March. You will shortly receive further instructions from Qantas on how to cast your online vote. Remember, it’s essential that you vote in this process to ensure the EBA is approved. Voting will close on 17 March 2023. 

Download your ASU Qantas EBA 12 Shiftwork Rates of Pay here.

By voting yes, we will be able to lock in the following commitments from Qantas, which are contained in the enterprise agreement and side letters:

-  3% pay increase backdated to 1 July 2022, then 3% increases for 1 July 2023 and 1 July 2024.
- Workers in classifications 1, 2 and 3 will receive an additional wage increase of 3.6% at the commencement of the Agreement (which will likely be in April this year, depending on the formal approval process in the Fair Work Commission)
- Bonus payments on EBA approval
- Qantas will convert 30 positions from part-time to full-time at airports around the country within the first three months of the new Agreement (these will be at levels 3 and 4); and
- Qantas will commit that if it improves its pay policy going forward that workers covered by ASU EBA12 will also get the benefit of any additional increases.
- Job security! Qantas has committed to improved job security and that no employee covered by ASU EA 12 will be made compulsorily redundant as a direct result of their position being outsourced to any other ground-handling company. This means that you cannot be forced out of your job.
- Qantas has committed to maintaining the Hobart Contact Centre;

- Improved stability in rostering:
* Increasing the roster publication period to 14 days minimum,
* Re-introduction of the Roster Committees to allow better consultation over working arrangements and allow the ASU to have local issues,
* Limiting Qantas’ ability to ‘slide’ your shift by no more than plus or minus 4 hours once the roster has been published(so if an agreement is reached, it would be 14 days),
* Introduction of a preference system where workers can preference whether they want a higher or lower amount of working hours.

- Industry-leading parental leave:
* Increasing primary caregiver’s leave to 18 weeks’ pay,
* Increasing secondary caregiver’s leave to 10 weeks’ pay,
* Extending the primary caregiver’s payment to circumstances when a new child comes to the family permanently,
* Superannuation will be paid on paid and unpaid primary caregivers’ leave for up to 12 months.

- Improved rights on flexible work arrangements and better support for workers experiencing domestic violence:
* You will now be entitled to an appeals process if your FWA is rejected, and
* Better support for workers experiencing domestic violence.

- A shorter-term EBA:
* Qantas has agreed to reduce the length of the Agreement from its initial term of 4 years to a length of just over 2 years, with an expiry of mid-2025. This ensures that the wages policy is not locked in for an extended period and will see us back at the bargaining table in around 2 years.

As the proposed EA expires in the middle of 2025, it is important that we spend the next two years enforcing our current workplace rights with the view of coming back stronger in the next few years.

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