There’s plenty of reasons to ask your coworkers to join

The main benefit members get from being in the union is collective power. Negotiating improved terms and conditions is always more productive when the union represents the majority of people in the workplace.

To help grow union power and density in the workplace, we’re launching a membership recruitment incentive plan.

Each person you sign up gets you one entry in the draw to win a $1,000 prize. The more people you sign up, the more chances you have to win!

How does the membership recruitment incentive plan work?

To enter the draw, you will need to recruit new members via our online or paper-based membership form. You will receive one entry for each member you recruit.

The easiest way is to join online at – Don’t forget to ensure your name is included in the ‘Referred by’ section.

To be eligible to win, you will need to be a current and financial member of the ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch at the time of the draw.  Referrals include colleagues, or family and friends or are eligible members of the ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch. ASU staff and Branch Executive members are not eligible.

Prizes will be drawn at the ASU Branch Conference in 2025.

If you have any questions, including coverage inquiries, please contact the ASU on 03 9342 3300.

We all win from having more members in the union because the bigger we are, the stronger we are.

Learn more about your member benefits.

Check out the member benefits available to ASU members here. 

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The ASU helped us secure a great enterprise agreement at our workplace.”
Joel, ASU member 

Call centres

The Australian Services Union has significant membership in call centres across Australia. 3/08/2022