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As a member of the Australian Services Union, you are well placed to secure the wages and conditions you deserve.

Union members consistently earn more than non-union members. Each day, our expert team resolves any discrepancies, concerns or disputes regarding the pay and conditions of our members. 

Whether you need to ensure you’re paid fairly, want help negotiating your salary, or to see better pay for your sector, the Australian Services Union is by your side.

Our union advocates for better wages and conditions in awards, agreements, and contracts through the Fair Work Commission. In 2020 alone, the Australian Services Union recovered over $13 million in unpaid wages for our members.

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If you need advice or require assistance with a workplace issue, simply call your state branch by using our contact us page  or and an experienced member of our staff will contact you.

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Being in the ASU is knowing someone has my back when I have a problem at work.”
Damian, ASU member 

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The ASU has been a leader in making workplaces better for those who experience violence in the home. 3/05/2022