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When joining the Australian Services Union, your membership will open up a world of other benefits and services to you such as help with:

  • Workplace advice and support: Many people join the union to simply know that if something wrong at work, they’ll get the advice and representation they need. This includes legal representation, expert industrial support and advice.  
  • Workplace safety: We can help you resolve any workplace safety issue whether it’s a physical health and safety issue or relates to stress and other mental health hazards.
  • Professional development: Extend your skills, achieve your goals and find your next job or promotion with our award-winning career platform ASU Career Launchpad.  Learn from the best instructors and experts in their field with on-demand coaching and professional development courses.
  • Discounts on goods and services: Our exclusive membership benefit programs provides discounts on everything from your daily grocery shop to whitegoods to cars. 
More broadly, our members are who we consult with when we are deciding what issues matter. Everything we do as a union is done with the inclusion of members’ input and ideas.

Union members are proven to be better paid, have better working conditions and job security. Your union membership is also 100% tax deductible.  

Contact us here to learn more about the value that your union membership can provide. We only work with trusted partners who offer services that will benefit you. 

Workplace and Industrial Assistance

Our union is here to support and help you when you have an issue at work. These issues often arise unexpectedly and can happen to anyone - that’s why you need your union by your side.  

Common issues include:  
  • Award, Contract and Agreement enquiries
  • Disciplinary action including dismissal
  • Grievance handling
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Workplace restructures
  • Workplace Bullying and Harassment
  • Workplace mental health issues, and
  • Other WorkCover matters
Our union prides itself on being able to support members facing these issues. If you need advice or require assistance with a problem at your workplace, contact us here so that an experienced member of our staff can contact you. 


Industrial Services 

Need support due to issues in your workplace? We’re by your side when things get tough. Our internal industrial teams can support you. Contact us here.

The ASU were there for me in times of uncertainty and change at my workplace.”
Melissa, ASU member 

We Won’t Wait

The ASU has been a leader in making workplaces better for those who experience violence in the home. 3/05/2022