Free Wills 

ASU members can access a free Will service through Slater + Gordon lawyers. 

It’s simple, convenient and best of all, completely free of charge. 

To access your exclusive union referral, contact us today at [email protected]  or on 03 9342 3300. 

Non-Employment Legal Services

Need a reputable lawyer for any non-employment matters? Our partner Slater + Gordon provides members with discounted legal services and can assist in the following areas:

Workers’ Compensation
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Public Liability
Asbestos and Silicosis Exposure
Medical Negligence
Superannuation and Disability Claims
Industrial and Employment Law

Visit the Slater + Gordon Union Member Services website for more information. For a referral, please contact our office.




I joined the union to ensure that we can have good conditions. The ASU stands by your side.”

We Won’t Wait

The ASU has been a leader in making workplaces better for those who experience violence in the home. 3/05/2022