When it comes to work, you are entitled to healthy and safe conditions, job security and fair pay.

Whether you’re starting a new job, returning to work, or managing an existing workplace issue, the Australian Services Union is by your side. Once a member, we protect and promote you’re the rights of workers in critical areas such as:

Pay and entitlements
Our team is dedicated to ensuring our members are paid the wages they deserve. In 2020 alone, we recovered over $13 million in unpaid wages for members. Our expert lawyers can assess whether your wage and entitlements are in line with your industry award, enterprise agreement or contract. Click here for information on checking your pay.

Job security
Throughout the pandemic, the Australian Services Union has promoted the job security of our members by negotiating fair outcomes with employers, keeping members connected to their workplaces and by stopping job cuts. In 2020 alone, the Australian Services Union stopped 12,000 members from losing their jobs. 

Health and safety
Union workplaces are safer workplaces. We’ll help you resolve any workplace safety issue   – whether it’s a physical health and safety issue or relates to stress and other mental health hazards. You should be safe at work. 

Protecting you through workplace challenges 

Workplace changes can be challenging. In 2020, the Australian Services Union supported over 10,000 members through workplace changes, redundancies and finding additional work.

Empowering workplaces
Your union is a democratic and worker-led organisation. Union delegates   and representatives work with our Union officials to better workplace safety, improve pay and conditions, and stand with members to navigate any workplace challenges they may have. The ASU provides workplace leaders with the training and support they need to empower their workplaces. 

Career development and job opportunities 
We're your side every step of the way – including your professional development with ASU Career Launchpad. ASU Career Launchpad is the ASU's professional development platform designed for and with ASU members. ASU members have full and free access to 100+ online courses specialising in your rights at work, job opportunities, IT, professional writing, finance, leadership and so much more. Find your next professional development course in your ASU member portal.

Get support.

If you require assistance with a problem at your workplace, contacting us  and an experienced member of our staff will be in touch.

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Posters and Resources

- Membership Form  (hard copy version) 
- ASU Join Poster
- ASU Bargaining Poster
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- 5 Reasons to Join Flyer
ASU Pride
Equality is Union business Poster
- My Union's Proud of Me Poster
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- Talking Pride in Your Workplace Poster 
ASU Women
- Strong unions need Women  
Sexual harassment will not be tolerated at this workplace
Paid Family & Domestic Violence Leave
Unions for Yes
- Unions for Yes Selfie Sign
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First Aid Training for ASU members
- First Aid Training Discounts
- First Aid for Babies & Children
- Mental Health First Aid Training
ASU Career Launchpad - online training
- ASU Career Launchpad Poster
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Industrial Factsheets
- Bullying at Work 
- Family and Domestic Violence - Industrial Relations Reform  
- Family and Domestic Violence Leave 
- Flexibility IR Reform
- Flexible Working Arrangements (FWAs)
- Gender Discrimination IR Reform
- Insecure Work
- Parental Leave
- Pay Secrecy IR Reform
- Performance Improvement Plan
- Principles for Hybrid Work
- Returning to Work – COVID
- Right to Disconnect
- Right to Union Representation
- Sexual Harassment IR Reform
- Sexual Harassment & Discrimination
- Surveillance at Work
- Working From Home
- WFH and Mental Health
- Workload Stress
ASU Delegates
- ASU Delegates Handbook 

Our Workplace Sustainability Policy:
Surveys of our members show concern about climate change ranks in the top four issues, alongside protecting your rights at work, health and education, and the economy.

We are passionate about this issue too and take the matter up with policy makers in Government and industry.

Recognising how important this is to our members, the Australian Services Union Victorian Private Sector Branch has developed a Clean & Green Guide to assist our Members and Delegates to take proactive and practical steps in their workplace to tackle climate change and promote sustainability.

Our Guide includes:
Tried and true office best practices to reduce paper consumption, conserve energy, and improve recycling and waste management;
Tips on how to develop, through consultation, a workplace environmental policy and committee;
Purchasing Power – Australian Services Union members are uniquely placed to positively influence their employers’ purchasing habits and policies;
Bargaining for sustainability.

The emphasis is on simple and practical change that every member of the union can make to contribute towards a more sustainable office environment.

Coming soon is our Clean & Green Guide.

I joined the Union because I believe in their power to make positive changes in everybody's life.”
Josh, ASU member 

We Won’t Wait

The ASU has been a leader in making workplaces better for those who experience violence in the home. 3/05/2022